Did you see this fiery GOP showdown?

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Matt Gaetz

Hey there,

Oh boy, what a showdown!

Did you catch the news?

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) went head-to-head with Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in a fiery House GOP meeting.

Can you feel the heat?

Gaetz accused McCarthy of paying “MAGA influencers” to smear him online.

McCarthy snapped back, denying it all.

Guess who had a front-row seat to this drama? Fox News.

They reported the exchange as nothing short of “fireworks.”

But it didn’t stop there.

McCarthy questioned Gaetz’s commitment to the GOP’s goals.

He threw a $5 million figure at Gaetz, boasting about his personal efforts to strengthen the Republican majority.

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Gaetz, on the other hand, left the meeting with a “120 over 80” blood pressure and a smile.

This kind of tension isn’t new.

Gaetz has been hinting at forcing a vote on McCarthy’s speakership for a while now.

But amidst the drama, Gaetz insists he’s focused on single-subject spending bills.

The GOP caucus is a pressure cooker right now.

And it seems like the heat is only going to rise.

Stay tuned!

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