Ticket fees got you feeling haunted? Here’s a solution!

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Ever felt like you've been pickpocketed by a ghost?

You know the feeling…

You're excited to see that concert at the local megachurch.

You secure the tickets online, thrilled about the upfront price.

But then, BAM!

A sneaky $7 ticket fee. A cheeky $3.72 processing fee.

Suddenly, the total bill is $17.72 heavier.

And guess what?

That money didn’t magically find its way to the church or the bands.

No, Sir. It slipped into the pockets of some invisible middlemen.

Ridiculous, right?

Well, guess who's decided to step in?

Our dear President, Joe Biden.

In his recent Rose Garden speech, he declared war on these "unfair junk fees".

You know, those sneaky, hidden charges that companies slip into your bill just because they can.

Biden claimed these junk fees are weighing down family budgets, making it harder for families to pay their bills.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Except that there’s something missing here.

There’s no mention of Congress anywhere, in Biden’s remarks or the media reports.

That's because this proposed rule is another top-down effort by the Biden regime to dictate how businesses operate.

And boy, it's working. Companies like Airbnb and Ticketmaster are already shaking in their boots.

But is this really the solution?

When did government meddling ever make things better?

Let's be real, Biden's war on fees could save consumers a few hundred bucks a year.

But what about the elephant in the room?


It's nearly double where the Federal Reserve wants it to be, up more than 17% since Biden took office.

The cost to the middle class? Thousands of dollars a year.

So, while Biden’s busy putting red tape on a few dollars in junk fees, he's ignoring the bigger issues.

The American Dream was once very attainable.

But then Biden-style government got in the way.

Reference: https://patriotpost.us

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